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 I make violins using the traditional Cremonese system in order to replicate the sound and visual aesthetics of the old masters, this is a corner detail of Strad's Cipriani Potter 1683About Lyons Violins 
Much has been written concerning the 'silver sound' of the Italian Masters they are still the biggest compittion in town. From the style of the arching, the thicknessing and        tuning of the plates the fitting of the bridge to the secret ground recipe, its all pointed at creating whatever sound that the musician wants. There is an amount of freedom within the strict limitations
Lyons violins about page
  I would like to thank the the two very fine musicians who you can hear on the audio files on this website Ged Foly and Katharina Baker       I want to acknowledge Ben Taylor for the beautiful photographs on this site and for trying to teach me how to photograph a violin             Many thanks to Edel Butler the best graphic design artist in the country who, has done so much and Gilles Devilliard who's work on my original site inspired this one